PREVENT™ Dust Suppressant

Advanced technology committed to improving the sand blasting work site.

Prevent™ Dust Suppressant represents a major advancement in dust control technology. Incorporated with silica sand, coal slag, steel and bar shot or other blasting abrasives, this odorless, colorless material can dramatically reduce visible and respirable dust from blast cleaning. When used as part of a comprehensive Dust Management Program, Prevent™ can help blasting contractors comply with the ever changing local, state and federal environmental regulatory standards

For having your own materials blended in-house, ask about the Prevent™ applicator and Prevent™ as a liquid concentrate. The Prevent™ applicator is a safe, easy, consistent way to apply Prevent™.

Specify Prevent™-treated abrasives on your next order of Magnum Blast™ sand or Black Magnum™ slag.

  • Reduces respirable dust by up to 90%
  • Reduces visible dust by 30-40%
  • Remaining dust settles more quickly and closer to the job site
  • Does not affect adhesion or life of new paint or coating
  • Long-term effectiveness keeps treated sand or slag low-dusting indefinitely
  • Carries no special disposal requirements
  • Simplifies compliance with environmental regulations
  • Safe, cleaner work site
  • More convenient handling of abrasives
  • Increased productivity because of better visibility within work area

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