Toll Blending

pic1Shipping quality products to facilities around the world.

Black Lab LLC

Black Lab LLC is a toll / custom blender of dry granular products, including epoxy flooring blends, polymer concretes, foundry additives and performance mortars among others.

Black Lab can draw high quality aggregates from any plant our customers desire giving the company a unique advantage over other competitors. From our production facilities near Chicago, Houston, and Cleveland, Black Lab  can ship a variety of products throughout the world and help you get to where your customers are.

Black lab also has high volume automated bagging facilities at it’s Serena Illinois operation. Whether you have 100 tons or 10,000 we can bag it for you efficiently and affordably.

Black Lab Specialty Products

Black Lab Specialty Products is also a leading supplier of specialty abrasive blasting media.

BLSP’s technical experience in product formulation has led to the development of a practical, affordable, dust suppressant. Prevent Dust Suppressant is a proprietary mix of chemicals designed to control dust levels during transportation and application of any dry granular products.

Prevent is an odorless, non-toxic, environmentally safe, liquid applied to silica sand or coal slag or any dry granular product where nuisance dust can create a problem. It reduces visible and respirable dust from sandblasting and does not affect the adhesion of new paint.

The Prevent Applicator is a compact portable machine specially designed to provide the high volume user with optimum efficiency in applying the Prevent Dust Suppressant to a blasting media at their own site.



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